Ten health tips to make you feel better now

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No preamble. Only fitness and health tips. Short and sweet. Big on benefits.Take action on these right away!

Here are the health tips

  1. Take a deep breath. Shrug your shoulders in a circle five times – a good way to get rid of tension and improve posture.
  2. Extend yours arm in front of you and bring your hands up with your palms facing forward. Hold for 10 seconds. This can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
  3. Stop typing and do ten wrist curls on each side to loosen and strengthen your wrists.
  4. Calf stretch: place the ball of one foot on a curb or step and let the heel drop; repeat for the other foot
  5. Sit at the front of a chair. Lift one knee, extend your leg, bring it in, and put it down. Switch legs and do ten reps.
  6. Give your ankles a mini-workout. Sit in a chair, keep your heels on the ground and tap your toes up and down for a minute.
  7. Sit down, extend your legs and point your toes. Repeat 10 times.
  8. Give your hands a break by straightening your arms in front of you, bend your wrists down and make fists. Hold for 10 second.
  9. Exhale as you suck your stomach in for 15 seconds. It will improve posture and strengthen the muscles behind your abs.
  10. Stand with arms by your side. Inhale, while standing on your toes, and raising your arms overhead. Exhale and release. This is a breathing and balance exercise.

Stay healthy!

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