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5 fitness trends that are becoming popular in the new normal

written by Vidya Sury January 6, 2021
5 fitness trends that are becoming popular in the new normal

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Don’t let the new normal be an excuse to give up your exercise regimen. Here are 5 fitness trends that can help you stay healthy.

As the new year begins and you start your new fitness regime, many gyms and pools are still closed and fitness classes are unable to run due to the risk of the spread of Coronavirus. However, when it comes to a new fitness routine or new goals for the year ahead, you must be doing something that gets you excited and something that you’ll stick to so that you stand a better chance of achieving your goals.

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The fitness industry was one of those that was hit the hardest in 2020, yet fitness trainers have become creative and started to offer virtual classes on Zoom so that people can keep fit from home. Virtual marathons became the norm, more and more people started exercising outside and home workout equipment sold out everywhere.

While the new year is looking positive as vaccines against the virus are being rolled out, there is still some uncertainty of when life will get back to “normal” if it ever will. Even when gyms can re-open, it may well be that people don’t choose to go back as they prefer working out online or outside. As the industry changes, new trends emerge, so what does the fitness world look like for 2021 and what new workouts will you be trying?

5 fitness trends that are becoming popular in the new normal

5 fitness trends that are popular in the new normal

1.    Getting Outdoors

As mentioned, outdoor fitness is something that has grown in popularity in 2020 and this will continue to be the case in 2021. People have seen the benefits of mixing up their fitness routines and getting out in the fresh air.

Whether it’s walking, hiking, jogging, cycling, boot camp classes, pyramid training routines, or wild swimming, being outdoors and immersing yourself in nature is going to continue to be a top choice for getting fit this year.

With so many things to do as well and so much information on the best hiking routes, trail running, or cold water therapy with a dip in the sea, there’s something for everyone. It’s not just about keeping fit either; just being outside lowers your stress hormones, improves your mood, and boosts your self-esteem. This is definitely one of the positive fitness trends to follow.

2.    Full-Day Training

Full-day training might sound like a huge commitment but you might find that it is easier to fit into your life, especially if you’re working from home. Full-day training looks something like doing some yoga first thing in the morning, a walk or run at lunchtime, and then an explosive HIIT workout in the evening. Doesn’t sound too bad really does it?

3.    Bigger virtual challenges

As everything went virtual in 2020, virtual challenges also became a thing. They’re perfect at the moment as fitness motivation is at an all-time low, people need challenges to get them going. 2021 will see more people embark on virtual races including marathons, cycling challenges, and general fitness challenges.

The challenges are a great way to keep improving and while you can compete against others, focusing on fitness self-improvement is the thing that will keep people going this year and get them to push themselves. There will also be challenges in aid of charities and as there are plenty of worthy causes right now, this is something that people will definitely want to get involved in.

4.    Smarter virtual classes

Another among the great fitness trends is online training. This will either fill you with excitement at the thought of not having to leave home or it will do the opposite and fill you with dread as you will feel that they are impersonal and won’t motivate you. Well, as virtual fitness has had to step up this year, it has meant that it has improved massively and become smarter. This means that there are apps, plans, and programs that actually make you work out as hard as it would be if you were at the gym being yelled at in spin class.

Apps such as FIIT offer personalized workouts and include a heart rate monitor with your subscription. This means that you will know if you’re pushing yourself in each workout and if not, you’ll have to work harder. It also allows you to schedule classes with other FIIT members and take them at the same time.

5.    Digital Wellness

It’s important to remember that mental fitness is just as vital as physical fitness and as therapy is something else that has had to move online, e-therapy has become a thing. This is essential as people are isolated, stressed, and need help, so being able to access mindfulness apps, lessons on meditation, and people to talk to is essential to their mental health.

How are you staying fit in 2021? Which of these fitness trends speaks to you?

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