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Strength Training and Bodybuilding – what is the difference?

written by Vidya Sury July 3, 2020

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This post is to help you understand how strength training is different from bodybuilding.

When fitness enthusiasts and athletes join a gym or embark on training, they have different goals. The primary goal of a bodybuilder is to increase muscle mass. This involves altering cell physiology to promote growth. Experts say that cells, fluid, and muscle fiber increase rapidly with these workouts, which gives someone a larger physique generally. Weightlifting workouts directly promote this growth.

On the other hand, athletes involved in sports such as martial arts and football concentrate on gaining strength, endurance, and speed. The workouts they engage in focus on creating quick responses from the muscle cells to give them power at any given time.

For such a delicate act, the fitness enthusiast should know exactly what to do. And it is only resourceful information like this article or consultation with experts that can help. 

Notably, these two approaches use the same types of workouts such as bench presses, deadlifts, rows, splints, and a variety of cardio workouts. But the biggest differences are in how the reps are done and the amount of weight used.

Strength Training

It is also known as resistance training, which is very important for athletes in sports. According to fitness trainers, specific muscles are subjected to external resistance until the desired outcome is achieved. It is all about building endurance in the body. All athletes need to undergo strength training as a priority. For them to achieve this, the muscles can be divided into various groups for better results.

For each exercise included in the workout schedule, both beginners and those at an intermediate level require about 8–12 reps while seasoned experts can do 15–20. Both should complete about five sets of these exercises. This provides resistance for the muscles, and strength will start to build up. Actually, martial arts training raises the number of reps over time to as high as 30 for each set.

The benefits of strength training are numerous when it is done in the right way. First, strength training includes the basics of getting fit. Any person can start to increase their fitness and athletic ability through strength training. It is the ultimate way to strengthen your muscles and bones. Health and fitness experts claim that strength training boosts the immune system and keeps possible chronic illnesses at bay. 


It is often mistakenly believed that bodybuilders are abusers of steroids and supplements. But according to experts at Musclesfax, a website that sells legit steroids and supplements, many successful bodybuilders use legit gear in the right dosage. Most of their success is a result of the workouts that they do. 

Bodybuilding, as mentioned, focuses on increasing cell size. Mainly, this happens through three things: overloading, which is all about lifting and pressing, eating the appropriate diet, and finally the use of the right supplements.

When it comes to exercise, which is the most important, bodybuilders use heavy loads and few reps. If you take deadlifts, for instance, only five reps are needed per set especially when using the heaviest load possible. With progressive overloading, fluid and muscle fiber will start to increase, and in time, positive results will be seen.

Just like strength training, bodybuilding has a plethora of benefits. As experts say, bodybuilding is all about increasing the size of the muscle cells. Hence, you will have a bigger and stronger body structure. It is known to burn body fat better than any other type of exercise. It is the best way to stay lean and toned. Other benefits include lower risks of cardiovascular diseases, stronger bones, and living a proactively healthy life. If you want to have that appealing body of a superstar, this is the way to go.

Can Someone Combine the Two?

Bodybuilders also require strength, and athletes must build muscle as well. This means that striking a balance between the two is very important. Seek to identify the number of reps that will lead to an increase in both for the best outcome. The ideal steps can vary somewhat for different people, so take enough time to understand your case.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that appropriate workouts are key to both bodybuilding and strength building. From the above insights, the biggest difference results from how the reps are done and the amount of weight or resistance used. 

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