Ten Tips to get rid of constipation

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This one goes out to all those moms-to-be – those angels who carry the treasure of life. During pregnancy, the digestive system slows down and seems less efficient, resulting in constipation. The stomach muscles and intestinal walls relax because of those pregnancy hormones. Also, pregnant women must drink more water than usual to aid digestion. Added to this, the iron in the prenatal vitamins and the growing uterus bear down on the rectum – so – as you can see – life is tough. But do not fret, for there are ways in which you can eliminate constipation. Here are ten simple tips:

1. Drink at least eight big glasses of water a day.

2. Get plenty of fruit and veg into your diet. Grandma suggests natural prune juice.

3. Include lots of fiber like whole grains (oats, brown rice, barley) as this will get your intestines working resulting in soft bowel movements.

4. Keep away from refined carbohydrates, like flour and sugar.

5. Forget cheese – they give you constipation

6. Aid digestion by eating nuts and seeds

7. Get at least 20 minutes of exercise everyday – walking is good.

8. Do not get anxious or stressed.

9. Do not delay visiting the bathroom when you need to.

10. Experienced moms suggest flaxseeds – soak one tbsp in six ounces of water and drink.

Feel great!

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