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How To Recover Your Health After Giving Birth (9 Useful Tips)

written by Vidya Sury April 27, 2024
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As most mothers know it can be hard to bounce back after giving birth for the first, second, or third time! Nothing is guaranteed and we are all different. But there are some things you can try. From allowing yourself the time to recover to seeing to emotional needs, here are some ideas.

1. Embrace the Magic of Breastfeeding

You’ve done the hard part, and now it’s a case of surviving the 4th trimester with your little one! With some extra weight gain and the feeling of a balloon down there, you may be looking for a simple solution. The good news is, you have the solution ready with you.

Breastfeeding helps shrink the uterus back down to the size it was before you were pregnant, relieving some of the pressure. As a bonus, it also uses up to 600 calories per day!

2. Bounce Back After Giving Birth with Time

Some celeb moms get back to their jobs almost days after giving birth. How do they do it, and are they faking it? No one really knows.

Most new mothers take between 6 and 8 weeks to fully recover from childbirth, give or take a week. Everyone is different. Don’t feel like you need to be dashing back to work a week after. Allow yourself to recover until you feel the time’s right.

3. Be Aware of the Physical Issues

As you are aware, many changes happen before, during, and after pregnancy. Sometimes, you can feel like a completely different person. Some changes are welcome, such as putting on some healthy weight. And others, not so much, like peeing yourself!

But none of the issues are anything to be embarrassed about, and you can’t really control them. Expect vaginal bleeding and discharge, back pain, and even separated stomach muscles; now that’s got to hurt!

4. Stay Away from Extreme Fads

Okay, so you have seen your favorite celebrity back to work after child number four. And spouting off about the latest fad diet that helped them do it. But how do you know they are telling the truth? You don’t. More than likely, they are promoting something they have been paid to.

After nine months of growing a baby, you won’t be back to normal any time soon! Stay away from extreme fads or anything a celeb is selling. Relax, take your time and find support.

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5. Develop a Postpartum Routine

A good routine never hurts anyone. When you are trying to recover, some small but actionable changes to your day can help heal your body and mind. Even if you are a fitness freak, your body won’t thank you for hitting the gym right away! Ease back in with these little tips:

  • Take it easy with gentle exercises that work to remove excess weight.
  • Begin with stomach crunches and pelvic exercises for core strength.
  • Exercise for energy as you recover what you lost during pregnancy.
  • Create a cozy space for getting back to sleep and maintaining energy.
  • Find ways to vent and manage stress, such as yoga, talking, or steam baths!
  • Learn to accept bodily changes and change how you feel about them.

Your body and mind have been through enough emotional and physical stress. Don’t add to it. Begin with some very simple and easy exercises to begin to strengthen those loosened stomach muscles once more. Surround yourself with relaxing things as you reset your spirit.

6. Wear Postpartum Wraps

Most products are pretty useless, and only time and personal encouragement will help you get through. However, there are some rare items that can speed up the healing process and help you look and feel a bit better.

Postpartum wraps are recommended if you are feeling self-conscious about your changed shape and posture. They can also help relieve some of the back pain and swelling that happens after giving birth. But they don’t work for everyone.

7. Address the Emotions You Feel

You can be an emotional wreck after giving birth. Some common examples include crying for no apparent reason, lashing out, and general sadness. These are standard emotions and actions expected of new mothers. And they aren’t your fault.

Childbirth affects your hormonal system, resulting in all kinds of strange symptoms. This is known as the baby blues and recovery can be as soon as in 2 weeks. You may also have a more serious postpartum depression.

8. Take It Easy to Bounce Back After Giving Birth

You need to give yourself time to get back to normal, whatever that is! If you do experience PPD, which affects 10% of women, then it can take over a year to manage. There are also other issues, such as abdominal damage, bladder problems, and bowel issues.

Resting, gentle exercise, and nutritious meals will help. But you must also be kind to yourself and look for support where you can. Friends and family are great for taking the baby off your hands for a bit!

9. Get Outside With the Baby

Babies enjoy being outdoors. They need to feel the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze. Ensure you dress babies for the weather. But getting outside helps them develop their little senses and provides physical and mental health benefits.

Sunlight exposure initiates the body to produce vitamins due to sunlight rays. Exposure of infants starting from 6 weeks for 30 minutes per week, which lasts for 16 to 18 weeks, can achieve sufficient vitamin D at six months of age. Source.

This also extends to you as a mother. Walking about with a stroller is one of the best gentle exercises for addressing stomach and abdomen issues and burning off a few calories, too!

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To summarize

Breastfeeding helps heal uterus swelling and can burn over 600 calories per day! This is great for helping you to bounce back after giving birth.

A postpartum wellness routine will also ensure you are kinder to yourself during this challenging time. Just getting outside has many benefits. It will help you gain some muscle strength and burn some calories, as well as improve your mood. It is also good for helping the baby develop. Exposure to the sun will promote vitamin D levels and they will get fresh air too!

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