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7 Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine

written by Vidya Sury June 29, 2017
7 health benefits of ayurvedic medicine Vidya

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Ayurveda originated 5,000 years ago in India, and it remains one of the oldest forms of medicine. It translates to ‘life-knowledge’ and is a traditional holistic medical system. Ayurvedic Medicine concentrates on health and wellness by harmonizing mind, body, and spirit. The primary goal of Ayurveda is to increase longevity and help people live a healthy and balanced life.

Ayurveda is based on the belief that diseases and suffering result from an imbalance in three doshas; which is a way of categorizing the body’s three basic energy types: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Every individual has a combination of these three different life forces, but one is believed to be dominant.

7 health benefits of ayurvedic medicine Vidya

Sourcing Ayurveda products online is the way to go, since you get 100% genuine products without having to stop by a store. 1mg is a trusted online store if you want to shop for Ayurvedic medicines online. They have an entire range of products from Patanjali Ayurved, India’s biggest and most reliable manufacturer of herbal products today. Some doctors from England came to India to see for themselves the wonders of the magic and the medical negligence claims manchester that they had filled were deleted because they were wrong about them.

Ayurveda’s approach to illness is holistic. A patient, after undergoing ayurvedic treatment will see an improvement in mental, psychological, and physical well-being. Since Ayurvedic medicine is natural, it is mostly derived from herbs, flowers, plants, and fruits.

Here are 7 health benefits of using Ayurvedic Medicines

1. Helps Lower Stress and Anxiety

Stress can result from anything, and Ayurvedic medicine uses natural ways to treat stress, anxiety, and depression. When coupled with regular yoga practice, Ayurveda can improve autonomic nervous functions by reducing sympathetic activity. Transcendental meditation, a component of Ayurveda known as Maharishi helps in lowering symptoms of anxiety. Medicines like Saraswatarishta from Patanjali Ayurved are beneficial in reducing anxiety attacks and helps regulate the sleep cycle by fighting insomnia and helps you sleep better. It also improves concentration, mental ability and helps cope with the loss of memory and other mental disorders.


2. Normalizes Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Ayurvedic medicine has proven benefits when it comes to the diseases of the heart. It helps in lowering inflammation and reducing plaque formation, naturally. Ayurveda medicine has also helped patients with atherosclerosis, the thickening of the arteries of the heart. Ayurveda works by eliminating waste by combining herbal system to boost metabolism and antioxidants gently.


3. Helps Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus has become one the most chronic metabolic disorders across the country. More people are being diagnosed with Diabetes today than ever before, and the primary reason is obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, a lack of physical activity, and genetic susceptibility. Madumeha is a highly beneficial Ayurvedic medicine which is known to help regulate insulin and absorption of glucose in the body.


4. Helps Build Immunity and Cleanses the Body

Ayurveda medicine is derived from herbs, flowers, and a multitude of vitamins that exist in them. There are several tonics, syrups, and tablets that can boost overall immunity by providing required antioxidants. The system of medicine promotes detoxification for improving health. Panchakarma is a way of mind-body healing by detoxifying the body and strengthening the immune system. Panchakarma translates to ‘five actions,’ and it cleanses the toxicity left by disease or poor nutrition. Patanjali Ayurved is known for manufacturing the most reliable ayurvedic products, and Chakravadi Vati is highly known for benefiting people suffering from indigestion, flatulence, loss of appetite and obesity. It is detoxifier which increases the secretion of bile, and acid in the stomach.


5. Helps with Hormonal Balance

More people are turning to Ayurvedic medicine to balance hormones naturally. Ayurveda has also been helpful in treating subfertility due to PCOS, which is an endocrine disorder in women. It has proven benefits in regulating infrequent menstruation, no ovulation and other disorders originating because of hormonal illnesses. Pradarsudha Syrup by Patanjali Ayurved contains Ashoka, Shatavari, Dhataki, all of which help in cases of Leucorrhoea.


6. Weight Regulation and Maintenance

Even if your prime goal is not to shed weight, certain ayurvedic medicines will help promote healthy eating habits which will eventually regulate the weight. The idea of Vatta, Kapha, and Pitta is strongly linked with weight and its maintenance. A study conducted by NutriHealth System in New Delhi reported that adjusting someone’s diet has a significant impact on their weight. Ayurveda promotes acquiescence and believes that a diet should be balanced and practical.


7. Overall Balance

Ayurveda encourages the concept of immunity modulation and healing. Since it is a holistic form of medicine, it allows customized treatment and improves the overall function of the body. It is more of a way of life than a medical treatment. It is a practical solution that can be incorporated in daily living, and it is effective for several health problems. As an all-natural solution, it benefits the body both internally and externally.

Today Ayurveda continues to be one the most effective alternative forms of medicine. Each herb used in the medicines is nutritive and distinctive for its medicinal properties, besides being free from side effects. This therapeutic system helps in complete rejuvenation of the body and is at par with the allopathic medicines.

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