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Find Your 30

written by Vidya Sury April 7, 2016
Fun ways to find 30 minutes to exercise vidya sury

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Living healthy is all about staying active, eating well and sleeping well. Everything else automatically falls into place.

While most of us think that finding time to exercise is like the Holy Grail, it needn’t be! It only requires a mindset and a change of perspective to make it happen. I  mean, how many of us will actually choose being sick over being healthy? And based on our choice (I am assuming we chose being healthy) would we care enough to set aside just 30 minutes a day?

Yes, you heard right. Just 30 minutes a day can help you lose weight, stay healthy, feel more energetic and happy.

If you just blinked wondering how, here are 30 quick and easy ways to find your 30

  1. Go for a brisk walk around the park / the beach / the block / playground
  2. Instead of driving to some place over the weekend, choose to bicycle there and back
  3. Work in your garden. No garden? Start one or help a friend out and give her some “me” time. Win-win.
  4. Forget the elevator at work, Take the stairs – that’s a great cardio workout
  5. Spring clean your home. And don’t forget to turn the music on while you do it
  6. Mow your lawn. No lawn? Help someone with one.
  7. Walk your pet. Or your neighbor’s / friend’s
  8. Walk to your local market and browse around and perhaps finish your essential shopping at the same time.
  9. Crank up the music and bust some moves. Dance. Invite friends over or go solo!
  10. Turn tourist in your own city and see everything with new eyes. On foot.
  11. Enjoy watching TV? Why not kill two birds with one stone by doing squats, pushups, spot jogging or exercycling during breaks?
  12. Do yoga
  13. Revamp your home. Freshen up a couple of rooms with a new coat of paint.
  14. Move your furniture around to shake up the energy and for a new look
  15. Can be anything.
  16. While going to the store, park your car far away and walk to the store and back. Want to step it up by not taking your car? Great. Do it.
  17. Go bowling with your friends or partner
  18. Meeting at the office? Skip the chairs and sitting and move around as you discuss
  19. Clean and wash your car
  20. Swim for a total workout
  21. Have fun in the kitchen, cooking up a special meal for friends or family
  22. Stretch before you go to bed to relax
  23. Bathe and groom your dog. Or your friend’s / neighbor’s
  24. Switch your chair for a stability ball at work for some core workout
  25. Go play with kids. Kickball? Volleyball? Basketball? Football? You choose
  26. This weekend, go hiking. If your destination is the hills, bonus points
  27. Dribble in your backyard with kids. No kids? How about friends/neighbors?
  28. Walk superfast as you run errands
  29. Rather than call someone, why not walk to them and talk
  30. Traveling? Walk around the airport when you wait for your flight rather than sit in a chair.

There! Super-easy ways to create and find your 30.

Here are some easy exercises to lose weight with some bonus health tips

Easy Exercises to Lose Weight

Got tips to add? Would love to hear them!

Live healthy, stay healthy

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Vasantha Vivek April 9, 2016 at 2:49 pm

Very useful list, Vidya !!! Thanks for sharing !!!

Nilanjana Bose April 10, 2016 at 10:02 am

Quite an exhaustive list, my preferred option – to avoid the lift always, walking up or on level ground is easy and available all the time.

Best wishes



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