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Do You Suffer From Back Pain?

written by Vidya Sury October 4, 2014
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Most of us take our body for granted. We ignore pain, hoping it will go away. Sometimes we are successful. What about the times we are not? One of the pains that is ignored the most is back pain. Yes. It starts off small. We think we’re just tired. Then it builds up to a nagging pain. Until it becomes so unbearable that we cannot get on with our regular routine.

Are you one of those people who lives with back pain?

You don’t have to!

Here are some facts you must know about your back Then decide if you should live with it, or not. Pain is optional, you know.

Back Pain Facts

  1. A physiotherapist, chiropractor or doctor can help you relieve that pain. Surgery is usually a last resort, especially if there’s nerve pressure or incontinence or both.
  2. Low back pain is is nothing unusual since your lower back has the job of taking the weight of our upper body. Your lower back does a lot more twisting and bending than your upper back.
  3. The spine is made of 33 bony segments called the vertebrae which have discs in between. These are tough and spongy, and behave like shock absorbers to make the spine flexible. If you bend over backwards easily, your spine is fine.
  4. If your back pain was triggered after one of your regular movements such as picking up a pen from the floor, visit your doctor to diagnose it. It could be anything from a slipped disc to a joint problem in the spine. You don’t have to live with it.
  5. The spinal cord’s nerves branch out and away from the spine via spaces between the vertebrae at the disc level.
  6. Backache comes a close second to headaches, which are no.1 when it comes to pain.
  7. You are at risk for back pain if you lead a sedentary life or if you are genetically predisposed to back pain. Exercise can help relieve back pain.
  8. If your back pain is severe and intermittent and you can feel it all the way to your groin, ouch! it could be kidney stones.
  9. Another cause for back pain is vibrations – this is why long distance drivers suffer from back pain.
  10. Enjoy cycling? The angle of your seat may need adjusting to relieve the back pain!
  11. If your pain is in the middle of your back and gets worse after a meal, maybe you have a stomach ulcer
  12. Back braces and supports are only for temporary use. Long term use can weaken your back muscles and make things worse.

Did you know that back pain was first experienced when human beings evolved and started to walk upright, instead of on all fours? Our backbone was not geared to deal with that upright posture. Most of the time, it is tough to figure out the cause for back pain. It is likely that it is not really a problem with the back, but with one of the organs in that area, or blood clots, tumors and abscesses in the organs around the spine

If your back pain is accompanied by other ailments like the following:

  • numbness
  • burning
  • rapid weight loss
  • a background of cancer
  • drug use
  • pain that has nothing to do with the way you move
  • loss of control over your bowels and bladder

…Please don’t ignore it. Make an appointment with your doctor right away.

Living with back pain is not mandatory. Here are some exercises for low back pain. Make sure you get your doctor’s “go ahead” before you do.

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Take care of yourself.

Take care of your back!

Be healthy, be happy!

be healthy be happy

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