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How To Cut Calories For Weight Loss

written by Vidya Sury October 1, 2014
how to cut calories for weight loss

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Weight loss – that Holy Grail! Sometimes no matter how hard you try, those extra pounds just won’t disappear. You are probably eating healthy and lead an active lifestyle. What are you missing? How to cut calories for weight loss?

Here’s the secret.

One of the main tricks of eating healthy is calorie counting and portion control. While portion control can be relatively easy – you go by visual measures, counting those calories can be a challenge – I know that from experience.

This is especially relevant right now as we’re celebrating a series of festivals in India. And you know how it is in India – festivals mean amazing food! Very hard to resist. Fun for those who are fit and healthy…not so much for those who are struggling to keep their weight under control.

I love festivals and hate to worry about everything I eat. Rather than stress over whether or not to eat something, I use the following easy tips to cut calories without compromising too much on enjoying my favorite foods. And guess what – I can also control my weight without trying too hard!

how to count calories for weight loss

How To Cut Calories For Weight Loss

Opt for fresh fruits

Mom knew what she was talking about! Instead of reaching out for that fruit juice, grab the fruit. Fruit juices are loaded with sugar. A cup of orange juice can be 120 calories, while the fresh fruit is 60 calories. See what I mean? Moreover, fresh fruit has more health benefits in the form of natural fiber and helps you stay fuller without sacrificing the taste. So ditch the juice.

The dessert trick

Go a little easy on the dessert. I am not saying avoid desserts – just eat a little less than you usually do. Little step = big difference.

Drink water

If you love fizzy drinks, make the switch to plain water. This alone can help you get rid of hundreds of calories on a daily basis. Fizzy drinks are full of sugar. Make it a habit to drink water, or tender coconut water, which is rich in natural minerals and vitamins while being low on calories. Also, try and cut down on alcohol.


Find ways to increase your protein intake. You will not only build those muscles, but also feel full faster as you eat.

Go easy on that cooking oil

Try and use less oil than you usually do. This doesn’t mean going fat-free – just cutting down on your oil consumption. Easy ways to do this are through cooking methods like stir frying instead of deep frying, a thinner layer of butter on your bread. Choose healthy cooking oils – olive oil and oils with Omega-3 that are low in calories. This also helps you balance your cholesterol levels, which is good for heart health.

Add Fiber

The more fiber you add to your diet, the better for your digestion. This means plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and sprouts.

Less is more

When you eat four or five smaller meals during the day rather than binge on three huge meals, you can cut more calories and control your weight. Just take care to ensure that the meals are small. Just cut down on the portions. This helps you keep your metabolism going steadily through the day and the bonus? You also burn calories steadily as your blood sugar stays at decent levels.

User smaller plates

Switch to smaller plates while eating. This is a great way to cut calories and keeps you from being tempted to load your plate. And remember to eat slowly, savoring every bite.

Less starchy foods

Minimize on starchy foods such as potatoes. Choose legumes instead – peas, beans, green gram, black gram, kidney beans, black-eyed peas – etc. These are also rich in fiber and vitamins. It isn’t as if potatoes are fattening, but if you like them in the form of chips and fries, they’re a no-no.

Brown, not white

Eliminate white bread from your diet. Choose whole grain or multigrain breads, pasta and noodles rather than white. Whole grains carry fewer calories and more fiber, iron and therefore, better nutrition.

Eat in

If you eat out a lot, you probably tend to eat more than you need or mean to. When you eat in, at home, you can choose what you need and keep track of the quantities. If you can’t skip eating out, be conscious when you order. Choose salads without the dressing. Love pizza? Choose thinner crust with more veggies.

Finally, cutting calories is a matter of making small changes to see big results.

Yes you can! You know what they say – slow and steady…. go win that race!

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