Yoga for back pain 5 Yoga Positions to Relieve Back Pain

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Are you experiencing consistent pain in your lower back?

What about in your upper back?

Maybe even both?

Many people are dealing with lower and upper back pain every day. Increasing the strength and flexibility of your spine can relieve some of your pain. This post will focus on 5 Yoga positions that will make your spine stronger and more flexible.

Remember, not all back pain can be treated with yoga. Some more serious conditions may require treatment instead of, or in addition to yoga, like a bulging disc. A bulging disc happens when one of your inter-vertebral discs has weakened and lost its shape. Consult your doctor to make sure you don’t make your condition worse.

Yoga for back pain – 5 yoga positions to relieve back pain

  1. Arms Overhead with Strap

 arms overhead with strap yoga for back pain

Using a yoga strap or belt, take your arms overhead, shoulder-distance apart. Make sure the palms face away from each other. If you cannot straighten your elbows in this position, take the arms wider on the belt. Drop the chin into the chest in order to relax the neck muscles and pull the strap apart. Hold for 6 deep breaths and repeat two times.

  1. Child’s Pose

childs pose Yoga for back pain

Start on all fours with your arms stretched out straight in front of you, then sit back so your glutes (butt muscles) come to rest just above — but not touching — your heels. Hold the position for 5 to 10 breaths, and repeat as many times as needed for a good, soothing stretch.

  1. Downward Dog at the Wall

downward dog Yoga for back pain

Stand facing a wall with your hands at waist-height. Walk your feet back into a table top position with your feet directly underneath your hips. Lift the sitting bones towards the sky as you press the hands into the wall. Feel as if your heart is melting towards the floor. If you feel a great deal of stretching in the hamstrings, keep the knees slightly bent. Hold for 6 deep breaths, focusing on opening the chest and lengthening the spine.

  1. Pigeon Pose

pigeon pose Yoga for back pain

Start with lying on the ground and place your hands in front of you. Lift your torso of the ground. Bring your right knee behind your right wrist. Stretch your left leg out behind you. Your knee should face the floor. Press your palms against the floor. Stretch your legs backward while you curve your back and lift it up. Pull your abdominal muscles to your spine and maintain this pose for 5 to 10 deep breaths.

  1. Legs up the Wall

legs up the wall Yoga for back pain

Bring your buttocks all the way into a wall and slide your feet up the wall. This pose will help you relax your lower back muscles and drain any stagnant fluid from your feet and ankles. This pose is best left as your final pose and you should hold it for up to 10 minutes.

These poses are a great starting place. Remember to go at your own pace and be careful!

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