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7 Natural Remedies To Relieve Sinusitis

written by Vidya Sury March 30, 2019
7 Natural remedies to relieve sinusitis

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Sinusitis can keep you from functioning normally. All you can think of is that congestion and the headache you carry around from the moment you wake up. As if that’s not bad enough, you feel like your cheeks and the eyes are swollen.

Sinusitis is a result of inflammation of the nasal sinuses.

What causes sinusitis?

Sinusitis is triggered by the following:

  • Allergies to pollen, dust, pets
  • Indoor pollutants like cleaning chemicals
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Outdoor air pollutants – vehicle emissions
  • Air-conditioning, heating systems
  • A nasal structure issue (polyps, tumors, deviated septum)
  • A compromised immune system

Whatever the cause, sinusitis can be really painful, making it tough to breathe and often with a runny nose.

How can you feel better and stress less?

Here are 7 natural remedies to relieve sinusitis.

7 Natural remedies to relieve sinusitis

1. Keep the airways moist

One way to keep the nasal passages moist and relieve the pain and congestion is by inhaling steam. Simply boil water in a wide pan and inhale the steam. You might want to use a heating pad where it hurts and take a hot shower to relieve the symptoms. The heat soothes your airways and helps you breathe better.

2. Quit smoking

Whether you have the habit of smoking or breathe around smokers, you’ll feel worse. In general smoking kills—it causes cancer and other health issues like hypertension. Cigarette smokes makes it harder to breathe when you are suffering from sinusitis, causing more inflammation. So avoid smoke. Put a distance between yourself and cigarette smoke wherever you are!

3. Drink enough water

Staying hydrated is crucial to treat your swollen sinuses. Aim for 8-10 glasses a day to help that congestion ease itself. Go for hot beverages like tea for a more soothing remedy.

4. Recognize what triggers the sinusitis

While the usual suspects for triggering sinusitis are dust and atmospheric pollen and dust mites, it can also be caused by weather changes, an infection or the medication you are taking. So try to avoid exposure to these things. Make sure your living area is dust-free.

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Avoid smoke. Keep a mask handy to cover your nose or simply use your handkerchief. Also, keep your distance from others who have the cold and ‘flu.

5. Look in your kitchen shelf

Home remedies can bring great relief without any side effects. Here are some easy ones you can find in your kitchen shelf:

Ginger: works great for sinusitis relief. One or two teaspoons of raw ginger juice with a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice can work wonders for your symptoms. Also benefits your overall health.

Garlic: Take 4-5 garlic cloves and immerse them in water for about 30 minutes. Grind into a paste and inhale the aroma to help you breathe better. Include garlic in your diet for overall health benefits.

Cumin seeds: Practically a staple in seasoning in most cuisines, cumin seeds carry many health benefits. Boil a teaspoon of cumin seeds in two glasses of water for about 10 minutes and drink the water. Enjoy the relief.

Cinnamon: Make a paste of cinnamon powder and water and apply it over the nose or on your forehead for relief. Cinnamon tea also helps.

6. Eat fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are good for health as they bring valuable fiber, vitamins and minerals to your diet. Now is the time to leverage their benefits and boost your immune system. Some fruits and vegetables especially recommended for relief from sinusitis are: oranges, mangoes, tomatoes, carrots and pumpkins.

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7. Get enough sleep

An effective way to enjoy relief from sinusitis, besides a healthy diet, is to sleep well so your body can heal. Elevate your head to help the sinuses drain easily and unblock that nose.

While all of the above work, you might want to visit your doctor if you are not feeling any better. Also, if medication is causing the sinusitis, talk to your doctor right away.

Stay healthy.

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