Are you eating these top five foods?

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Well, if you aren’t, you should be. And who knows, you might actually find some nice healthy family favorites!

Dried plums

Plum and prune

Hmmm…looks can be deceptive. While the succulent plum looks lovely, prunes – well, don’t win beauty competitions. But prunes are rich in potassium and  antioxidants  They are an excellent source of  soluble and insoluble dietary fiber – including pectin, a soluble fiber that helps ower blood cholesterol levels. Include dried plums in your diet as a snack. They make a great addition to your, and your kids’ lunchbox.



I love this for its color alone! Beets are rich in fiber, iron, and Vitamin C. They also contain a powerful cancer fighter called betacyanin which is especially effective in preventing colon cancer. Beets are also antioxidant rich, making them ideal if you want to lower cholesterol.Beets can be easily added to your diet by steaming them, adding them to other veggie dishes, to your soup or your salads. Don’t overcook beets as this can drain away its anti-cancer fighting property.



One of my favorite veggies! Pumpkins are rich in fiber and beta carotene, which is another anti-oxidant that strengthens your immune function and reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.  Canned pumpkin is also good enough since fresh pumpkin is seasonal. You can use it in your pancake batter, enjoy it as soup, roast chunks of it or make pumpkin pie.



Another favorite veggie in our home – particularly my Mom’s! Packed with fiber, Vitamins B1, B3 and B6, eggplant is also rich in chlorogenic acid, a potent free radical eliminator, in addition to the powerful antioxidant nasunin which protects brain cell lipids and prevents cell damage, protecting you from cancer. Eggplant also helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis. Eggplant tastes great roasted and  pureed, as a dip, as a stir fried veg or a roasted veg dish.



I have always loved beans because it is a versatile veggie that can be added to a variety of recipes or cooked as a standalone dish. They are chock full of health benefits like cancer and heart disease prevention and blood sugar regulation. They are also rich in antioxidants, protein, and fiber. Keep canned beans handy for emergencies.  Beans are great, baked in soups, salads, and other veg dishes, with rice… All beans are good – I put that picture up because I like it. By the way, beans also help lose weight.

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