Don’t let the ‘flu get you down!

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My guest post at today is about fighting ‘flu with foods and home remedies.

I started 2012 with the ‘flu and can’t tell you how irritating that is. I am usually not prone to the usual cold and stuff (touch wood, ha ha) so imagine my shock to find I actually developed the ‘flu! Must have been the weather combination of three different cities that got my insides arguing among themselves.
Flu announces itself through a fever, cough, sore throat, a congested nose, body ache, chills – none of which thrills.  But – there’s good news because you can feel better.
Anyway, long story short, I discovered for a fact that food can fight the ‘flu and home remedies can make you feel much better. I am about to share this info with you, so grab a chair, your favorite beverage and – read my post at Folks, Food Fights ‘Flu
The next time you feel a cold or fever coming on, you know what to do!
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