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Five solid reasons to say no to fast food

written by Vidya Sury January 29, 2011
five reasons to say no to fast food

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Most fast food is junk. And Junk Food is NOT Food. Unfortunately, it is easy to be fooled into eating things that are not good for our health. As a result, we develop health issues that open the doors for Big Pharma companies to further exploit us.

Processed foods, which form a bulk of the fast food market, contain processed ingredients with zero nutrition.

Here are five solid reasons to avoid eating fast food:

five reasons to say no to fast food

1.They Are Loaded With Sodium

A large part of the sodium we consume on a daily basis does not come from real whole food, but rather the processed foods. There are so many foods that contain excessive sodium that you are unlikely to realize it. For example, maybe you don’t have a natural liking for such “salty foods”, but love sweet. That soda you are consuming is also loaded with a sodium derivative, even though you can’t taste it. Such are the hidden dangers of processed food.

2.They Are Made Heavily Of Simple Sugars

If you rely on processed foods for “nourishment”, you aren’t really getting that. You may notice that while using junk for sustenance, you are more frequently constipated, which is due to lack of complex carbs and fiber. Simple carbohydrates just enter the blood stream and are speedily absorbed, disrupting blood sugar levels in the process. Natural foods consist of more complex, low GI carbs, and have fiber to help promote digestive health and regularity.

3.Processed Foods Contain Artificial Fats

If you think all fats are bad, think again. In fact, natural fats are ALL good for us, and even essential. The bad ones are Trans fats, a modified variety of an oil that allows it to remain solid at room temperature. Oils are usually liquid at room temperature. This kind of fat is highly pro-inflammatory, meaning that when you eat it, it promotes scenarios leading to increased inflammation and disease.

Inflammation speeds up aging, and contributes to many of our chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.

4.Many Processed Foods Contain Anti-Nutrients

Did you know that white potato is considered an anti-nutrient? This is because it prevents absorption of other nutrients, bringing down the nutritional value of the entire meal. And guess what? White potatoes are a favorite inclusion in processed food. White potato is cheap, and arguably tastier than sweet potatoes, making them perfect for higher profits for  junk food companies.

5.Preservatives And Additives Found In Junk/ Fast Food Are Killing You

No food is meant to be kept for months without spoilage, or rancidity occurring, so why can processed foods be kept? You can thank additives and preservatives, which are basically chemicals that artificially extend the life of foods. Are they helpful? Sometimes, definitely. But more often than not, they are a hazard to your health.

Even though many are “safe” in very, very low concentrations and approved for human consumption by the FDA, they are frequently used in amounts far exceeding their safe limit, and consumed much more often than occasionally.

Therefore, while we can’t fully blame the FDA for approving these chemicals, they should use common sense and realize people do not consume these processed foods once in a while.

Processed foods are the furthest thing from natural- regardless of what they claim. Let’s not forget many are GMO produced, which raise another set of ethical questions when it comes to consumption. The verdict is clear- eat whole foods, closest to its original source. Minimize fast foods in your diet!

Stay healthy!

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