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6 Tips on choosing a sports bra

written by Vidya Sury August 26, 2008

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This is one of those try before you buy things – choosing a sports bra is no small matter. It’s all very well to bounce to the beat (ouch!) – but there are actually some serious features to look for before you get your sports bra. After all, you want your exercise experience to be a pain free and comfy one.

So what can you look for?

  1. to control the bounce – less vertical stretch than horizontal stretch
  2. for more support – the straps must be wide and made of firm, grippy non stretch fabric
  3. to avoid allergies – the material must be of non allergic and non abrasive fabric
  4. to prevent chafing – hooks must be covered; labels must be covered or hidden
  5. to stop the bra riding up – a wide elastic band to snugly fit your ribs
  6. for free arm movement – T back style if you play tennis, squash, etc.

Now go ahead and choose the right sports bra!

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