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Get rid of that stress

written by Vidya Sury July 15, 2008

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did you know that stress causes a list of diseases you don’t even want to know about?

stress itself is not a bad thing, since we need stress to inspire us to some extent, push us forward and to actually enjoy life. but even positive stress at times can work against us if we don’t manage it well. you might ‘duh’ when you read this – but it is a fact that the best way to manage stress is through a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

how? here are some tips:

  • take some time out
  • develop a hobby
  • think of ways to get away from your routine pressures
  • do at least one thing you enjoy every day
  • exercise some thought control – avoid negative thoughts

the best thing to do is – see your life in its entirety – highlight the positive, since negative stuff can invade everything you do. think positive!

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Vidya Sury

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