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4 easy hand-picked tips to feel good all the time

written by Vidya Sury March 10, 2021
4 easy, hand-picked tips to feel good all the time

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Can you live in a state of wellbeing 24 hours a day? Can you actually feel good all the time? Yes, apparently!

Life is a series of ups and downs. A rollercoaster. Especially now, with the current situation the world is in. A bunch of highs and lows.

Or so we’ve been told. But is it true?

Some people claim to be able to live in a state of well-being 24 hours a day, no matter what happens to them. So, what’s the deal here? What is the secret? Is it really possible to feel good all the time? Or are these people trying to trick us?

It turns out that some people do, actually, feel good all the time. It’s not that they necessarily have higher highs than the average person. It’s just that they find ways to float through life, without allowing it to get to them at the fundamental level.

Most articles we see on this topic are all about trying to “feel better,” implying that the reader doesn’t feel great. Some talk about how you can feel good “almost” all the time but you can never really reach a state of permanent bliss. Life just doesn’t allow it.

However, there are ways to stay happy all the time, regardless of what life throws at you. And they’re backed by science.

Here are 4 easy, hand-picked ways to feel good all the time

4 easy, hand-picked ways to live in a state of wellbeing all the time

Allow your negative thoughts to pass without judgement

Negative thoughts pop up in our minds all the time, like waves crashing onto a beach. Most people wrestle with these thoughts endlessly going around in circles.

The problem with negative thoughts is that it can become a pattern and trigger various mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and stress.

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Then there is our inner critic constantly trying to drag us down. But those trained in the art of happiness simply let them pass, like a warm breeze. It’s not about stopping them from cropping up. It’s about not becoming “sticky” and allowing them to disappear as quickly as they appear.

If you think this is difficult to do, practice meditation. It calms you and puts you in a state of mind. When you meditate, you stop resisting those negative thoughts. Resisting these thoughts makes you overthink even more. Rather, you allow them to pass through and ease your mind into the present moment and gradually, they become less prevalent. Most of the time, just identifying your negative thoughts is enough to break the cycle even before it starts.


Seek relief for your nervous system

Why do so many happy people go to the chiropractor? The reason is simple: they understand the benefits of releasing tension from their nervous system.

In most people, the nervous system is in a constant state of alert. It’s always ready to fight the next battle, whether social or physical. Getting adjustment, however, trains the nerves to relax and settle down into their natural pattern, ready for when you actually need them.

Treasure your experiences

When you think about it – and we mean really think about it – every moment of your life is a wonder. Just being alive, sitting inside a body, observing everything going on around you is a marvel. It makes sense to live in the moment.

Happy people, therefore, treasure their experiences. They don’t judge them or wish for something better. They remain perfectly content with what they have.

Write down why you’re grateful

Being grateful is a great antidote for always wanting more and believing that salvation is around the corner. From an early age, schools teach us to think only of the future. We must educate ourselves so that we can earn a lot of money and be successful and happy people. But gratitude forces us back to the center. It realigns our thinking so that it resides in the here and now, not somewhere far off in the distance. And it is true that we hold the key to our happiness.

If you think that achieving a state of wellbeing and feeling good 24 hours a day is impossible, think again. People have done it, and are currently doing it right now. You can, too!

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