Why does my child wet the bed?

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Bedwetting is common in children. In most cases, they outgrow or manage most bladder control problems without health complications. But accidental bedwetting is traumatic, and causes emotional distress and poor self-esteem for the child as well as frustration for families. Moreover, bladder control problems can sometimes lead to bladder or kidney infections (UTIs). Bedwetting that is never treated during childhood can last into the teen years and adulthood, causing emotional distress. This can be prevented.

Children usually have one of two main bladder control problems, and this can be daytime wetting (day) or bedwetting (night). About 1 in 10 children has trouble with daytime wetting at age 5. Nighttime wetting is more common than daytime wetting.

This is a comprehensive article that covers:

  • bladder Control Problems & Bedwetting in Children,
  • complications that can arise as a result,
  • signs and symptoms of bladder control problems in children,
  • the best time to see a doctor, diagnosis,
  • tests doctors use to diagnose bladder control problems in children,
  • how parents can help the child cope with bladder control problems, and
  • tips for prevention.

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