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Family Health Is Now C/o Me

written by Vidya Sury August 27, 2015
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Last month I wrote about why health records are a critical part of health care. There is nothing more annoying than having to start looking for prescriptions, health records and lab reports when you are in a hurry to make your doctor’s appointment or worse, actually arriving at the doctor’s clinic only to find that the relevant reports are safe at home!

This is an especially important issue if you are responsible for the health of a loved one and accompany them to the doctor regularly, or have parents living in a different town and have to schedule regular health checks for them. Then of course, there are unexpected ailments that happen to the most healthy among us, necessitating a visit to the doctor, who naturally wants to see your health records that can provide answers to crucial questions.

After I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two years ago, I have a set schedule for lab tests and doctor’s visits, besides the unforeseen ones. I maintain a file, but forgetting to add a report as soon as it is received can happen to the best of us.

Fortunately, I came across eKincare – an online platform where one can sign up for free, store medical records and access it from anywhere, any time! It is so convenient to be able to have everything you need within reach without having to go back for a second visit just to clear a doubt or  spend hours on the phone trying to get in touch because you can’t start new medication for thelack of a small but critical piee of info!.

Healthcare, just like everything else is leveraging technology and where better to keep your info than on the cloud!

Hyderabad-based Aayuv Technologies Pvt Ltd, is the company behind eKincare and makes it possible to store your entire medical history, keep track of your health and receive recommendations and tips.

At eKincare, I can see an overview of my health and assessments, timeline, documents, packages and profile on my dashboard. It is very easy to update.

But that’s not all.  It just got a whole lot bette!

eKincare has now introduced a new feature:

Family management

Family health, now care of me!

This helps you add your family members and track their health, all from a single dashboard! You can manage their medical reports, schedule their health checks and get expert opinion – all at one place!

All I had to do to add a family member was log in to my eKincare account, choose the “add a family member” option – and I was done! As simple as that!

I entered details for my family members including name, age, relation and mobile number and voila! I was done. Then I opened their profile and added their medical reports. I could schedule appointments and track their health from the same dashboard where I managed my health.

Yes, My family’s health is now C/o me!

How about you? Check out the new family management feature at eKincare and take control of your health, as well as your family’s!

“Family health is now C/o you!”

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