Home exercise Want to lose weight? Easier than you think.

Want to lose weight? Easier than you think.

written by Vidya Sury November 8, 2011
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Weight loss does not have to be a difficult goal. My kind of weight loss is the sort where you don’t have to try too hard. So, is natural Weight Loss – a myth? No. It is not. Losing weight, the Holy Grail for many, need not involve losing an arm and a leg in the process.  Figuratively speaking, of course. We’re only considering losing the weight equivalent to that of an arm and a leg.Natural weight loss is possible if you follow a simple four-word mantra.
And that is “Eat right. Keep moving”.
It is easy to keep on reading about different ways to lose weight. Now, if only reading was a way to lose extra weight! The extra pounds seem to sneak up on most of us and become stubborn residents on our body, in the parts where it looks the worst.But weight loss does not relate to good looks alone. We need to maintain a healthy weight to stay – you said it – healthy.  Unfortunately, it is much easier to gain weight than to prevent it or lose it.

According to health experts, the ones who are keenest on losing those extra pounds are the ones who are quick to return to their old eating habits even though they are aware of the benefits of healthy eating.  It is too easy to become sedentary even though they start an exercise regimen. Why? Old habits die very, very hard.

So, how do you lose weight naturally without having to stick to a diet or being forced to exercise?

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