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Should you take meal replacements?

written by Vidya Sury July 3, 2011

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All those shakes and bars you can drink and eat to substitute a regular meal. Do you wonder whether they could be a good option for weight loss?
I, for one, would always prefer to choose healthy foods and and follow a proper diet (as far as possible) instead of depending on a shake or bar. In fact, I am psychologically freaked about this, because I am convinced they make me more hungry. Not that I am a big-quantity eater, but you know how it is.
But that said, I am not saying that shakes and bars are no good. (Phew!) They can certainly be a good choice to replace a meal that you tend to skip.  Also, if you’re stuck somewhere where you can’t get a meal or need to grab a meal on the go, meal replacement could be ideal – and perhaps a healthy choice.
Meal replacements are considered a convenient way to cut calories. But remember that not all products available in the market are the same. You will need to check the labels for “Nutrition Facts”to see if the calorie count and other nutrient values will suit your meal plan.
Remember also, that a shake or bar may not be as satisfying as digging into a well balanced meal with the same number of calories. That’s what I meant when I mentioned my psychological hang-up about these. I would rather go for a cup of fruit, a bowl of yogurt, a slice of toast instead of drinking a shake or eating a bar with the same number of calories. Goes to prove satisfaction can be in the head.
So, while meal replacements are great for when you can’t get a meal or when you’re on the move, it is a good idea to make time for a real meal whenever possible. Meal replacements can be the backup plan. They are certainly better than burger and fries (although I love those too!).
Ultimately, staying healthy is about making healthy lifestyle choices.
Stay healthy!
Vidya Sury

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