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The Internet Pharmacy Boom – is it a good thing?

written by Vidya Sury December 24, 2015
The Internet Pharmacy Boom – is it a good thing? Vidya Sury

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These days, if you can’t buy it online, it’s probably not worth owning. Now that everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, we’ve fallen in love with the convenience of online shopping, and the dream of a “Digital India” is closer than ever.

It’s no surprise that Indian pharmacies are following the trend. Pharmaceuticals is an industry worth Rs. 72,000 crore, according to the Times of India, and medicine bills of Rs.4000-5000 a month are not uncommon, especially among older citizens. Thousands are looking to Internet pharmacies for their daily medications, and making a surprising discovery: there’s almost no downside to buying your medications online.

The Internet Pharmacy Boom – is it a good thing

Better Convenience: Order Online and Pick Up Your Medication at the Mailbox

Ask anyone, especially a young person, why they love shopping online, and there’s a good chance you’ll get the same answer: convenience. Fighting traffic and waiting in long queues  is a chore everyone loves to avoid, especially if you’re picking up a daily prescription every single month.

Online pharmacies take away all that hassle and let you order medications or refill prescriptions without ever leaving home.

According to The Guardian, the biggest sellers at online medicine stores in India like BigChemist are treatments for chronic conditions like high cholesterol or diabetes: medication you take every day, and need to refill regularly. An online pharmacy makes refills fast and easy, and you can even set up an automatic refill service to get new orders delivered regularly, as often as you need them. No more muddling through a few days without your meds because you forgot to call the chemist: as soon as you run out, you’ll have your next order delivered to your doorstep. 
The Internet Pharmacy Boom – is it a good thing

Better Discounts and Savings

Convenience may be king, but it’s the savings that bring people back to online pharmacies time and again. Without the high overhead of a brick-and-mortar store, fifteen percent is the lowest discount you’re likely to see at an online pharmacy. You can save as much as thirty percent every month on recurring prescriptions, and that adds up to some serious savings.

However, online pharmacies do a lot more than help you save on your prescriptions. You can find substantial discounts on common over-the-counter meds as well. Cold medication, pain-relievers, and allergy medications are all easy to find online. Saving even ten percent is a blessing to a parent during ‘flu season: imagine saving thirty to keep your kids healthy and happy!
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Better Selection

We don’t usually think of medication as brand name products, but most common medications are brands just like an Apple computer or Nike shoes. And just like you might pay twice as much for that brand on the sole of your shoe, “brand name” medications jack up the price you pay for just the name.

It’s understandable to shy away from generic medications, but doctors agree that the generic is just as good: the same active ingredients in the same quantities, with the same preparation and safety standards applied!

Shopping for medications at an online pharmacy makes it easy to find the generic form of the drug you need. Many
traditional chemists have agreements with manufacturers to only carry brand name products, but online chemists offer the best selection, and those cheaper generics will only add to your savings.

Online pharmacies don’t just offer medications, either. Just as you might look to a pharmacy store for cosmetics and personal care products, you can search an online store for a wider range at a cheaper price. Need a deo specifically for sensitive skin, or a brightening product that won’t make you break out? Search online for a huge selection of the products that suit you best.

The Internet Pharmacy Boom – is it a good thing

Better Access

Ever been stuck on the train for half an hour just to go grab that one thing you couldn’t find closer to home? Ordering online products can save you huge amounts of time and hassle, especially if you have specific needs like hypoallergenic products or a prescription medication that’s hard to find. You’ll be able to get exactly what you need, where you need it, right from the screen of your phone.

Online pharmacies have also found loyal customers in adult children caring for ailing parents: they make it easy to pay for medications and have them shipped straight to their home. Set up a recurring order, and you’ll never have to worry that Mama didn’t get her heart pills because you were trapped in traffic.


Internet pharmacies are the next big thing in e-commerce, and it’s easy to see why. From better prices to better selection to quicker and easier access, there’s no downside to ordering prescriptions, medications, and even personal care products from an internet chemist. Get exactly what you need, when you need it and where you need it, for the price that suits your needs perfectly.

Do you get your prescription filled by an internet pharmacy?

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