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21 reasons to switch to Hydro-Jal Plus alkaline and anti-oxidant rich water

written by Vidya Sury March 22, 2015
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Man may be able to survive without many things, but without water, there is no life.

Did you know…

  • Our lungs are 90% water
  • Our brain is 80% water
  • Our muscles are 70% water
  • Our body is 70% water

Just a 5% drop in our body fluids can result in an energy loss of 30% and slow us down drastically. We all know that dehydration is bad news as it causes dry mouth, dry skin, dry eyes, thirst, constipation, low blood pressure, heart problems, headaches, obesity – it is an endless list.

How do we avoid this?

Drinking enough water protects us from dehydration, helping us stay energetic and healthy.

But there is more to it. It also matters that you are drinking the right type of water.

Most households rely on tap water, bottled water, Reverse Osmosis water and distilled water – assuming that they’re drinking the purest water. The shocking news is all these types of water actually make our body acidic, leading to long term health problems. Tap water contains fluorides, chlorine, heavy metals, drug residues, pesticides and chemicals and bacteria – all of which are known to damage our health and cause diseases like cancer, immune disorders, headaches, constipation, acidity, fatigue, just to name a few.

Studies conducted in the 1970s reveal that purified water is only good as long as it is used for a few weeks with the goal of detoxifying the system.

Unfortunately, using it to cook food removes the minerals from it, lowering its nutritional value. In fact, purified water absorbs carbon dioxide when it comes in contact with air and becomes acidic. If you happen to be fasting consuming purified water can be dangerous to your health as it can cause deficiencies, irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. In a word, the more purified water you consume, the more acidic your body becomes and that is not good.

Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Otto Heinrich states that no disease, including cancer can survive in alkaline environment as cancerous tissues are acidic and healthy tissues are alkaline

Can you do something about it?

Yes. You can switch to alkaline and anti-oxidant rich water. Your body needs clean, filtered and alkaline water.

Here are 21 reasons to start using alkaline and anti-oxidant rich water

…or the benefits of alkaline and anti-oxidant rich water from Hydro-Jal Plus water ionizer

1. Slows aging
2. Rich in minerals and antioxidants
3. Detoxifies the body flushing out acids promoting health
4. Quicker recovery from vigorous exercise and fewer muscle cramps during workouts.
5. Improves memory and concentration
6. Promotes weight loss
7. Energy boost the without extra calories through elevated oxygen levels
8. Increases stamina
9. Better sleep
10. Relieves joint and muscle pain.
11. Improves digestion and metabolism.
12. Protects against common cold.
13. Relieves constipation.
14. Healthy skin and hair.
15. Reduces production of lactic acid.
16. Provides true hydration without bloating.
17. Boosts absorption of vital nutrients.
18. Tastes better
19. Balances blood pressure, relieves osteoporosis, asthma, allergies and diabetes.
20. Improves blood circulation
21. Strengthens the immune system protecting from diseases like arthritis, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, digestive problems, osteoporosis, asthma, skin problems, allergies and acid reflux

How can you get this?

The solution is to increase the hydrogen ion concentration in the water. There are plenty of ways to do this, each with its own advantages and shortcomings. The most effective way is to use an alkaline water ionizer like Hydro Jal Plus which gives you the option to choose your water pH and get water that has a negative ORP value, rich in antioxidants, is filtered thoroughly and hydrates you the way it should.

Hydro Jal Plus is compact, easy to install and use.

But what is the big deal about ORP?

We all know that antioxidants are good for health and we get them from colourful fruits and vegetables. The truth is, we also get antioxidants from the water we drink. Antioxidants fight disease causing free radicals in our body to protect against premature aging, cancer and diseases and keep us healthy. When the water you drink has negative ORP, it means you are drinking antioxidant-rich water, namely, alkaline water. Hydro Jal Plus produces alkaline anti-oxidant rich water instantly.

Get the Hydro Jal Plus advantage

hydro-jal plus

Alkaline water is beneficial for children and babies, too! There’s no restriction on its use even when you are on a diet or when you are sick.

As India’s most advanced, aesthetically pleasing and affordable water ionizer, Hydro-Jal Plus efficiently converts regular water into healthy ionized alkaline water. To bring home the benefits of healthy alkaline water for yourself and your loved ones, request a free demo of Hydro-Jal Plus at your home and also have the acidic level of your drinking water tested. After all, when you are 70% water, you want to make sure you are getting the healthiest water!

Today is World Water Day. Celebrate.

Change your water…change your health!

Hydro-Jal Plus is a product of Swadeshi Marketing.

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