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How To Make Your Home Safe For Elderly

written by Vidya Sury January 7, 2015

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While there are a number of care options for the elderly as they age, such as assisted living facilities, Old Age homes and the like, many of them naturally prefer to continue to live in their own homes. Independence is an important thing and who wants to give it up? Not the elderly, who’ve worked so hard to build their lives and are settled comfortably. Imagine moving out and relying on strangers for routine tasks…worse still, losing that independence and being made to feel helpless!

I’d say it is fair for the elderly to want to age in the comfort of familiar surroundings. To make it easier and safer, here are some tips in the form of a wonderful infographic that will make everyone concerned breathe a little easier.

These are easy and do-able tweaks that take the elderly closer to safe living. For example, rearranging those kitchen utensils, getting a carpet to cover that hardwood floor, fixing grips and handles around the house for balance when it is needed – all these will help those who have a difficult time with mobility and balance. It is a happy situation for both the caregiver and the loved one who needs caring.

Here is the infographic on How to make your home safe for elderly developed by Blue Bird Care

How to make your home safe for elderly

How to Make a Home Safe for Elderly - An Infographic from Bluebird Care

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