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Let’s Talk About Tomatoes

written by Vidya Sury September 21, 2012

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If you’re getting ready to read about the history of the tomato and its health benefits, I am going to disappoint you – although I did  think of listing those, as tomatoes are chock full of them. But there’s more to the tomato than its use as a food item.

I personally love tomatoes and enjoy snacking on them when I am overloaded with work and don’t have the time to rustle up a snack. So one day, I was freaked when I saw a couple of tomatoes were soft, squishy and overripe- and I didn’t want to eat them. Then, my Mom came up with some cool ideas.

So, what can you do with Tomatoes, besides eat them?

Tomatoes are a great ingredient in your skin care regimen. Large pores or acne or rashes, tomatoes can soothe and cure because they are rich in:

•    Cooling ingredients that soothe damaged or raw skin
•    Astringents to get rid of excess oil
•    Abundant vitamin C and A to make your skin bright and healthy

Okay, now here’s the tomato-juicy part now. Read on for eight home skin care remedies where you can use tomato to add that glow to your skin!

Large pores?
Take one tablespoon fresh tomato juice and mix it with three to four drops of fresh lemon juice. Using a cotton pad, apply this on your skin and gently work it in. Leave it on for about fifteen minutes and then, rinse it off with lukewarm water. This shrinks those pores. I splash some cold water on my face after I do this for that extra pizzaz.

Tomato can zap acne
Take one mashed tomato and apply the pulp on your face. Leave it on for an hour. Rinse. Moisturize. Continue to do this every day. Your acne will disappear.

Cleansing your skin
I would rather eat the tomatoes – but I’d set aside a couple to nourish my skin.  Add an avocado – and your skin will be happier. An avocado-tomato mask is excellent for combination skin which is oily, normal and dry in parts. Tomato’s astringent quality removes blackheads and oil, while avocados moisturize. The mask has vitamin A, C and E – essential for good skin. Mash avocado and tomato in equal parts, mix them well and apply it on your face. Leave it on for about twenty minutes and rinse off with water.

Home facial in minutes
Now this one is perfect for me. I cut the tomato in half. Eat one half. Then reluctantly rub the other half on the face, especially on blemishes. Then rinse and moisturize. Easy? Yes.

Homemade astringent
Get rid of excess oil on your skin with this super combo. Squeeze a tomato and strain its juice in a cup. Add cucumber juice into the tomato juice. Use a cotton pad, and apply on your face every day to control acne and balance oily skin. I would do this, but I get tempted and keep eating the tomato and cucumber. Love salads, you see. Foods with benefits.

Cool your skin
Do you suffer from raw skin that’s irritated and itchy? Are sunburns your friend? Have rough skin? Use a tomato-plain yogurt (curd) mask. Yogurt adds protein, softening your skin, while tomato cools the skin. Here is the recipe: half a tomato crushed and mixed with two tablespoons of plain curd/yogurt. Apply and leave on your face for about twenty minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

For smooth and glowing skin
Use the tomato-honey mask. Mix tomato juice and honey and apply on face and neck. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse off.

Soothe your sunburn
Take four tablespoons of plain buttermilk and two teaspoons of tomato juice. Apply and leave on skin for half an hour and rinse. Enjoy flavored buttermilk? Why, drink it!

There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

The best thing about tomatoes is you can buy them all year around and they are cheap. When you go shopping next, get some extra so you can feed your face. And don’t forget to eat healthy – happy skin comes from within!

Stay healthy!


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Stay healthy!
Vidya Sury

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Linda Wilson September 23, 2012 at 5:06 am

Good morning, Vidya.

Am I glad I met you!
I have a team of Wellness coaches and am always on the look out for quality information to help them with their continuing professional development -they don’t come from a health background and there are limits to what I can deliver for them myself!
I think you may be getting some new readers very soon. And I so like your writing style. I Think you’ll be teaching me more than a thing or two too 🙂
Kind regards,
L x

Vidya Sury September 23, 2012 at 5:16 am

Welcome, and thank you, Linda! :-)It is so good to see you here. I too look forward to a happy relationship! 🙂 I am thrilled you dropped by here. Hugs!

Adon March 7, 2013 at 4:32 am

Hi, Vidya

this is a very interesting post on this delicious and healthy vegetable(or should I say – fruit), it’s always nice to see when somebody shares useful information that will help people get and stay healthy by knowing the benefits of consuming natural and healthy food. You can read some more information here about the health benefits of tomatoes.

Keep it up and Best Regards,

Vidya Sury March 12, 2013 at 3:31 am

Thank you, Adon! I love tomatoes in all forms! 🙂

Christopher James August 15, 2013 at 9:39 am

I didn’t know tomatoes can be this useful.

surender January 21, 2014 at 1:20 pm

A lot of sharing of tips and health benefits of the tomatoes.., Keep sharing of these healthy foods.. i really appreciate your post.. I think tomato is one of the best food for skin health also. Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A that helps maintain the overall well being of the skin.


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