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written by Vidya Sury November 15, 2011

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My post today at gingerchai.com is about juice and specifically fruits and vegetables. We all enjoy a chilled tall glass of juice to refresh ourselves. Not only does it look pleasing, it also satisfies thirst while tasting great and delivering health benefits in the form of vitamins.

So what is in your glass? Are you going for vegetable juices, fruit juices or those quickie cocktails? Here’s the lowdown on which juice to choose.

Drink your vegetables

I meant that. It is the best way to add powerful plant-based nutrients to your diet. Tomato has lycopene to lower the risk of prostate cancer while beet juice is known to reduce blood pressure. If you’d rather pulp it up, you can load up on fiber to satisfy your hunger. And guess what the catch is? None. Nada. Nix.  You’re looking at the perfect juice that’s low on sugar and low on calories.

Some good juice options are:

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