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The negative calorie diet

written by Vidya Sury June 24, 2011

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I came across this rather interesting topic “dieting with negative calories” and was curious to know more. Apparently, we CAN have a diet using negative calories. Our body uses more calories to digest certain things than others. Basically, the premise is: if we burn more calories than what we consume, we’ll lose weight. But that is also what regular weight loss is all about.

So, the theory behind the negative calorie diet is that the body must consume energy to digest food. If a food item is 50 calories, the body must burn more than 50 calories to digest all its nutrients, vitamins, etc. 

For a start, the negative calorie diet might be a good idea in specific situations such as: just after the holidays, Christmas, weddings, birthdays and just about any occasion involving a food fest.

Rather than lose muscle tissue by starving out of guilt because you binged,  plan your negative calorie diet. Here are some tips:
  • Do it when your body has a calorie overload as it could avoid any negative effects on your health
  • Consult a doc about the best duration for this diet to avoid falling sick.
  • Don’t over do any particular type of food at this time.
  • Go on this diet only when you have an easy schedule on that day without any stressful situations. While stress is a way to burn calories, it is not a good idea to combine it with a diet as it can make you physically weak.
What do you think of the negative-calorie concept?
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Vidya Sury

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