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Dealing with pain – the 60’s 70’s and beyond

written by Vidya Sury November 4, 2010

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After the six golden rules to deal with pain that we should bear in mind and the types of pains common to those in their 30’s and those in their 40’s or 50’s, here is what to expect during the 60s, 70s, and beyond.

In your 60s, 70s, and beyond, arthritis and degenerative spinal disc disease become more common and can become a significant source of pain. Again, medications and holistic treatments such as acupuncture and yoga can be very helpful.

Broken bones from falls become a greater concern, as does pain associated with diseases such as cancer.  With serious medical conditions, sometimes pain isn’t prioritized because the focus is on the disease. That’s a mistake. If pain stays too long in a cancer patient, it by itself can become a major aspect of the disease. Not addressing pain also hampers quality of life.

The fix: Make pain care a priority.

Pain that keeps you awake at night and impacts social and family life often causes a patient’s condition to worsen quickly, which is why it must receive its own treatment so it doesn’t take over your life.

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