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The back pain – emotion connection

written by Vidya Sury August 27, 2010

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Everyone has emotions – although, the funny thing is, we barely notice them. Often, they don’t seem relevant at all. Emotions are like that and they really don’t have to make sense – because it is the way we feel.  Now, acting on these feelings is necessary, if they are appropriate.  If we ignore these emotions, apparently, they can create a block in our psyche, making it affect our physical health. Studies show that emotions are often the most common cause of illnesses today.

Question is, how?

The answer is complicated – specially with something as common as back pain. Back pain can be due to a joint that is not aligned, and this is often attributed to emotional causes. If emotions have not been fully experienced or expressed or dealt with properly, it can get stuck somewhere along the system and this is called NEC or neuro emotional component. Neuro – since it gets stuck in the neurology/nervous system.  Component, because it is only part of the emotion that wasn’t dealt with.

When NEC is stuck in a muscle, the muscle tenses and this tension causes a tightness in the muscles, which in turn stress against a bone and cause the misalignment.
The good news is – this issue can be dealt with. You can help yourself by becoming aware of any emotions that relate to a painful back, neck or hips. This is even more relevant if you have been trying to get it treated for a while without results.

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