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5 cooking oil tips you MUST know

written by Vidya Sury January 27, 2009

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Health is important. If you think you can cut costs by re-using cooking oil in your kitchen, then think again. Why? Because re-used oil has varnish-like compounds in it that can expose you to many health risks like cancer and heart disease. Then imagine the medical expense!

Here are some cooking oil tips:

1. It is worth it to buy the best quality cooking oil that you can afford
2. If you are frying chips, soak the raw chips in water and pat them completely dry
before you fry. This will delay the oxidation of oil and protect you from the
harmful effects of the resulting substances.
3. Always filter oil after you use it to remove pieces of food
4. Always store oil in a closed container in a cool dry place
5. If the oil is brownish and smelly, or tastes unpleasant, simply throw it away.

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