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6 tips for beautiful teeth

written by Vidya Sury September 11, 2008

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There’s nothing that can be more off-putting than a whiff of bad breath.  It is embarrassing for the person, and it is disgusting for those around. Just brushing, flossing, gargling don’t really do the trick for that brilliant smile. Oral health is critical for our overall well being and the way we look. So pay attention to these and reap the benefits:

1. What you eat and what you drink can make a big difference. Plaque and mouth bacteria love it when your diet has a lot of sugary refined foods and drinks. These also reduce your oral immunity. Did you know that the tannic acid in canned iced tea corrodes your enamel? 
2. Research shows that brushing your teeth twice daily helps immensely.
3. Brush your tongue. A major cause of bad breath is the tongue. Clean your tongue to rid it of that layer of organic material that collects there.
4. Floss your teeth once a day carefully. 
5. Gargle after every meal and snack – so that you can dislodge any particles that get stuck between your teeth easily
6. Use a good teeth whitener – they are safe to use.
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