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6 Reasons Why You Need Health Insurance Even If You Are Young and Healthy

written by Vidya Sury December 20, 2018
Young and Healthy? Here's Why You Still Need Health Insurance_Fotor

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Being young is wonderful. It’s a time when everyone is energetic, healthy, and highly ambitious about their future. Young people think they are absolutely invincible, which is why health insurance is far from their plans. They assume that illnesses and injuries only happen at an older age. Other than that, they feel they have all the time in the world, at least till they turn 30.

Well, the truth is that neither does time nor the most major illnesses wait for anyone. Life is unpredictable and can health issues can happen to almost everyone.

Here are a six reasons why young people must consider taking health insurance plans when they are in the prime of their lives.

6 reasons why you need health insurance even if you are young and healthy #healthinsurance #health #healthcare

1.       Young Insurers Save More Money

When they are young, individuals tend to believe that health insurance would cost them a lot of money. However, what they do not know is that the younger they are, the lower are the premium. This is because at a younger age the chances of critical illnesses are usually fewer. This, in turn, means lower levels of risks and the applicant is unlikely to make a claim any time soon.

2.       A Lower Waiting Period

Generally, the waiting period on most health insurance policies is 2 to 4 years in case of pre-existing diseases. This means that if there is any kind of medical emergency for already existing ailments, then a person cannot make a claim on his/her health insurance within this time period. However, in the case of young people, by the time the assistance is needed, they would have exhausted this waiting period and be ready to make a claim instantly.

3.       Increase in Lifestyle Illnesses

Another reason to take up health insurance plans at a young age is the growing cases of critical illnesses, which are a result of the sedentary lifestyle that everybody is living today. This makes health insurance highly important not just for the elderly but also for the younger generation of today.

4.       More Coverage Than Hospital Fees

The younger generation should be glad to know that health insurance, which seems irrelevant to them can now help them pay off day-to-day medical expenses. This also includes a doctor’s consultation fee. The insurance market is now home to several innovative health insurance plans that can offer an array of benefits that normal health insurances cannot offer. So, if you are just starting out in your career, imagine how much you could save from your visit to the doctor’s clinic just for a simple ailment or unforeseen injury.

5.       Bonuses

Taking a health insurance plan at a young age gives you the benefit of a cumulative bonus whenever the policy is renewed annually, and a claim is not made. The more this bonus piles up year after year, it also increases the total amount covered by your insurance policy. This is a benefit especially when you get older, and health risks increase.  When you take a health insurance policy at a young age, the cumulative bonus raises your coverage.

6.       Less Documentation Required

The main reason for rejection of a health insurance policy is a person’s medical or health condition at that point of time. However, this problem usually occurs when someone plans to take health insurance at an advanced age. On the other hand, at a young age, a person has more productive years ahead. As discussed before, younger people have lesser health complications, which is why lesser medical documentation is required to get the insurance policy approved.

When you buy a health insurance policy at a young age, it does not just give you higher coverage, but it also assists you in better financial planning. With adequate coverage, all your medical needs are taken care of, and you can confidently handle any health emergencies that may arise in the future.

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