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The gift of smell and what your nose knows

written by Vidya Sury October 2, 2016
The gift of smell or what your nose knows

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Can you imagine not being able to smell something burning, or the wonderful smell of baking when you pass a bakery? The aroma of the coffee brewing, or the fragrance of your favorite dish cooking?

As an important sensory organ, our nose plays a vital role in how we perceive and experience life. The variety of smells and fragrances we come in contact with have a significant effect on our moods, trigger memories and even change the way we relate to people. Besides the experiential aspect, the sense of smell impacts our health and when we lose the ability to smell, it can influence our food habits, nutrition, overall health and safety.

Read on to find out why the gift of smell is precious, and why the ability to smell is crucial and how it can affect our health.

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