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Could An Air Frier Be The Answer to Healthy Eating?

written by Vidya Sury November 25, 2014
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Health is topmost on everyone’s mind today, what with all the information going around about the importance of eating healthy. Still, it is a challenge to change one’s habit overnight. I remember when I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was about to tuck into French fries when the lab results came like a kick in the stomach. Clearly I had to make lifestyle changes pronto and adopt a healthy diet as in…immediately!

Fried and baked goodies were out. I had to change my cooking methods to eat healthy and keep my blood sugar and cholesterol levels under control.

As I researched recipes, it was good to see the paradigm shift from the traditional cooking methods to the latest cooking methods. A perfect example is the transition from the traditional chula (traditional cooking stove) to the modern gas stoves. But the best example of modern cooking is the oil-less cooking appliance commonly called an air frier. This appliance runs on electricity and does not need any source of oil for cooking.

We all know the health risks involved in eating deep fried food items. Could the innovative technology used by an air frier be the answer to cooking delicious food in a matter of just a few minutes?

Benefits of air friers

For food to get cooked, a temperature of 180 degrees is required. The air frier easily reaches this desired temperature and cooks the food in the best possible manner. It uses fast circulation of hot air to heat up the food in a matter of just a few minutes.

When cooking with air friers, one can avoid the harmful effects of oil such as high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes etc.

Cooking in oil-free appliances also has several other benefits such as keeping the minerals and vitamins intact. So, you can be sure of getting all the nutrients from your food with these oil-free appliances.

If you take a close look at the interiors of a good oil-free appliance, you’ll see a fan and a heating element. The heat radiating from the heating element is uniformly circulated throughout the gadget. The fanning action uniformly heats all ingredients in the fryer.

When you take the cooked food out of the fryer, there is a crisp layer on the top. We Indians love the taste of oil in food – so while cooking, a wee bit of oil can be added to the food before placing it in the basket.

Most oil-free appliances have a non-stick coated layer and this prevents the food from sticking to the basket’s surface. For better results, using a wooden spatula is recommended. While it can be a little confusing initially when you start using these oil-free appliances, practice makes you a pro even as you start to enjoy the oil-free cooking.

For small families, oil-free appliances with a capacity of three liters is usually ideal, and for larger families, a higher capacity is available. This product is great for non-vegetarians as even a novice can cook delicious dishes in it.

For those who enjoy their deep fried food and cannot live without them, now is the time to switch to healthy cooking methods without compromising taste. Too much oil can have negative repercussions on health and who wants that? Oil free appliances can help you stay in good shape. So go check out some today.

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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