Carrots Vs. Apples

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So you are looking for the perfect  snack to pack with you wherever you go and to munch on when cravings strike. Both carrots and apples seem like good choices: They’re high in fiber and have a satisfying crunch. But one of these snacks is a better pick than the other. Which is the one?
Here are some facts:


  • beta-carotene powerhouse 
  • help reduce risk of heart disease 
  • promote good vision. 
  • tasty on their own or dipped into a high-protein spread like hummus. 
  • Calorie-wise, there are only about 50 per cup.
  • high in antioxidants, 
  • protect heart health
  • make a deliciously portable snack on their own or with a little peanut butter for added protein. 
  • A medium apple has about 80 to 90 calories.
The answer 
Carrots tip the scale slightly as a more satisfying snack. Surprised? Here’s why. The apple contains more natural sugar called fructose, which could cause your hunger to return more quickly. 
So – Go carrots more often than apples!
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  1. Jidhu Jose

    October 24, 2010 at 11:27 am

    nice post.
    When i am in Qatar, I will get salad before the dinner. It contain cucumber, carrot, cabbage …like that.
    But one of my friend told me cabbage is not good to eat…anything like that?

  2. Vidya Sury

    October 24, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    No, Jidhu – no idea why your friend said that. However, some people find that eating raw cabbage creates gas. Depends on how you personally feel. If it agrees with you, fine.

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