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4 tips to healthy nails

written by Vidya Sury February 26, 2009

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It can feel great to show off a healthy and pretty set of nails. After all, they are the crowning glory of your fingers that are visible most of the times. The good news is – you don’t really have to run off to the salon to groom, shape or polish your nails – because you can do it at home. Here are some tips:

1. Clean your nails – gently

When you shower every day, scrub around and under the tips of your finger nails and toe nails with a clean nail brush. Get rid of the yellowish cellular debris on the nails with your loofah. Remember to clean your nail cleaning tools every day with soap!

After cleaning, dry your nails and apply an all natural cuticle cream to prevent hard skin from forming, keeping your nails shiny and healthy.

2. Feed your nails

Nail health is maintained by three important minerals and these are zinc, copper and silica – whose antioxidant properties can protect your nails from damage. They also support tissue growth and make your nails long and strong.

Good sources of copper are seafood, nuts, legumes, chocolate, bran cereals, fruits, vegetables, and blackstrap molasses. You may also like to supplement with 2-3 mg of copper per day.

You can get zinc by including these in your diet: wheat germ, oysters, pumpkin seeds, chicken, eggs, and fish. Zinc supplements up to 15 mg per day is recommended.

Silica is well known as a natural remedy for strong, healthy nails. Prevent dull and brittle nails through silica rich foods like sprouts, bell peppers, cucumbers, and potato skins. If you want to take a supplement – go for 25-50 mg per day.

3. A quick manicure

Choose a good quality nail cream with essential oils. Gently rub some on to your hands and nails, exfoliating and hydrating them. Don’t forget your feet.

4. Polish your nails

The last step is to apply a coat of your favorite color. Start with a clear base coat then two thin coats of color and then a top clear coat that will protect your nails.

If you follow the above regimen, you too can enjoy healthy nails!

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