Live healthy, Stay Healthy #AtoZChallenge

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Live healthy, stay healthy is my theme for the month of April, when I participate in the A to Z Challenge. Earlier, I wrote about living with type 2 diabetes. This year, I am focusing on overall health, although there will be some focus on diabetes wherever relevant – simply because I am diabetic. And so are millions of others. While healthy living benefits everyone, diabetics have to look for a little extra information and I hope to add that.

What can you expect?

There will be some variety in topics including:

  • Healthy living tips
  • About the benefits of a specific ingredient or food
  • Diet hacks – how to eat less, swapping food items without compromising taste
  • Health hacks
  • Detox tips
  • Tips to live better with common conditons like high cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc.
  • Exercise and fitness related tips
  • Diabetes related tips
  • Weight management
  • And much more!

Each post will feature a bonus tip – one do-able activity or habit to get started with right away.

My goal is to make it as enjoyable as possible to live healthy, stay healthy!

I am a happy Mom, Freelance Writer, Business and Health Blogger and Social Media Explorer. I love Coffee, DIY, Music, Photography, Cooking, Family, Friends and Life. (Yes, I saved the best for last!) I believe that Happiness is a DIY Project. I also blog at Vidya Sury,Going A-Musing and Coffee With Mi I tweet as @vidyasury

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