Stretch to stay flexible

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Does your body feel drained out at the end of the day?

Do you find the stiffness in your neck and back unbearable?

Do you feel twinges of pain even with minor movements?

In one word – do you feel stiff all over?

There’s a remedy. An easy one.

It is called stretching. Regular stretching can make you more flexible, prevent injury and keep you feeling easy as you move around. Stretching also helps you relax. Even if you do not have a fitness routine, make it a point to stretch every day. My Mother’s physiotherapist kept emphasizing on this at every therapy session when Mom was being mobilized after her two-month bed-rest. She was fantastic. If you enjoy teaching others about topics like this, you can get  information about an associates degree in nursing online

Aging is a devil. As we grow older, our flexibility reduces and this puts us at risk for injury. A majority of people suffers from back pain at some point of time. Adopting a stretching program can not only help keep you from getting injured, but also improve your overall flexibility.


  • Take fifteen minutes off to stretch. 
  • Go for easy stretches that work on your various muscle groups – in your neck, arms, chest and legs. 
  • Stretch as soon as you warm up or after you complete your exercise routine as it will be easier when your muscles are all warmed up and loosened.  
  • If you stretch when your muscles are cold, you will worsen your chances of injury. 
  • The best way to include stretching in your exercise is to make it part of cooling down.    

Here are some excellent sample stretching exercises
And here’s a video of the top 6 stretching exercises:

Stay healthy!

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Stay healthy!
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