Exercise can relieve back pain

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Exercise helps relieve back pain while improving back function.

If you exercise regularly and end up with back pain, you may want to give up exercising, even if you are aware of the benefits of exercise for back pain. What you really need to do is to ask your physiotherapist to recommend an active stretching and exercise regimen. Those who have taken online nursing classes may also be able to advise about back pain.

Some tips if you suffer from back pain during exercise:

  • Avoid pushing yourself 
  • If it really hurts, don’t ignore it
  • That pain may indicate injury
  • Exercise slowly and stick to your comfort zone
  • It is normal to feel some soreness when you start exercising. But sharp stabs of pain are not normal. See your doc
  • Find out the right way to exercise and breathe properly
  • Stretch after your muscles are warmed up. You can warm up with walking, enjoying a warm shower/bath or with gentle movements.

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    November 22, 2011 at 5:45 am

    I’m actually searching post regarding back pain.  I agreed that exercise can relieve back pain. I’ve also proven this. Anyway, thanks for sharing those tips.

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