Can your nails get stronger with calcium?

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If your nails feel brittle and keep breaking, you are probably wondering whether taking calcium supplements might help. Thing is, while Calcium is great for the body in many ways, stronger nails is not one of its benefits.

Just like hair, nails are composed of keratin, the hard protein. So food that helps develop beautiful healthy hair should also keep your nails strong. Remember:

  • To keep nails growing and strong, you need protein
  • To keep nails from growing weak, you need zinc
  • To stop your nails from becoming spoon-shaped, you need iron

If you get too much selenium, you could start losing hair and nails.

While it is a common belief that calcium supplements ought to keep nails strong, research shows that that is not true.   

Remember, also, that your nails can tell your doctor about your overall health and diet, so stick to a nutritious and healthy diet that includes all those colors, whole grains, proteins and low fat dairy products. 

Here’s a cool article on nutrition for strong nails


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