The Secret To Staying Young

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What is the one secret to staying young, healthy and FEELING young??

It is the amazing antioxidants – you can take them orally to keep yourself strong
you can apply them as creams to make your skin glow, appear young and look beautiful.

Ok….the next question is – which antioxidants should you take to take care of different aspects of your health? Here are three tips:

1. A young body
You have heard of harmful free radicals in the body which is the root cause of aging. It is antioxidants that kill these free radicals and help us stay healthy. So – remember the 5-a-day plan? Eat as many fruits and veg as possible – equalling to 5 servings a day. Some Antioxidant-rich foods are cranberries, mangoes, cherries, pomegranates, bilberry, and grapes. In fact anything that is richly colored is rich in antioxidants.

2. A healthy brain
Clinical studies have proved that antioxidants improve memory. That means foods rich in Vitamin E and C to maintain your cognitive function and getting rid of free radicals. Oil based capsules are available with vitamin E and C that you can take in consultation with your physician especially if you suffer from hypertension or are diabetic.

3. Healthy skin
If you love the warmth of the sun like me – remember it can age your skin.There are antioxidants that can help prevent this. Some examples are grape seed extract which locks in the fatty acids in your skin and prevents UV damage, Olive pulp, Lycopene, etc. You can also go in for antioxidant creams and apply them – some are available as sprays as well.

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