10 tips – Become healthy, stay healthy!

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Hi Folks – I’ve been lax the last few days – caught up with lots of stuff, so I am going to make up with a longer post than usual! :-). Here are ten tips that will not only make you more healthy, but also KEEP you healthy. Read on –

1. Ever performed a by-pass surgery on yourself? You can do it without shedding any blood – Just go for a brisk 20-30 minute walk at least five days a week. You can actually avoid by-pass surgery since it helps increase blood flow through narrow arteries

2. You might add black to your list of favorite colors. Black sesame seeds, rice, pasta, vinegar, mushrooms – have anti inflammatory properties. They protect you from cancer, heart disease and best of all – slow down the aging process.

3. My favorite antioxidants are back – a lot of fruits and vegetables like oranges and onions increase in antioxidant value when they are stored.

4. Vitamin C is said to slow the process of developing wrinkles. Sister, if you are between 40 to 74 years of age – you NEED that Vitamin C to avoid wrinkles and dry skin. So it’s an orange a day for you.

5. Lower your cholesterol with Oats. Oatmeal fights bad or LDL cholesterol.

6. Reduce salt intake.

7. Trans fats are a no-no and increase your risk for heart disease and breast cancer.

8. Get treated for high blood pressure and reduce your risk for dementia and heart disease.

9. Don’t mix your drinks – particularly if they are alcohol and diet soda. Artificially sweet drinks make you absorb the alcohol more quickly and take you on a high much faster.

10. Do not waste food.

Enjoy life!

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Stay healthy!
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