Kidney Health and Diabetes

kidney health vidya sury
Kidney health and Diabetes The kidney is an amazing organ with millions of minute blood vessels that filter out waste products from the blood via urine. This filtering system can become damaged by diabetes, reducing kidney function. When waste products are not filtered out, the result is kidney...
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Juvenile Diabetes

Juvenile diabetes vidya sury
Juvenile Diabetes or Type 1 diabetes Juvenile Diabetes or Type 1 Diabetes usually strikes during childhood or adolescence. It breaks my heart to think that these children must live with it all their lives besides being insulin dependent, always worrying about the complications of diabetes. We have a...
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Insulin and Diabetes

insulin and diabetes
Insulin, blood glucose and diabetes When “insulin” is mentioned, most people naturally assume that it is medication for diabetes. Did you know insulin is a natural hormone produced by our body in the pancreas? Let’s look at its role in diabetes since understanding how it affects the blood...
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Heart Health and Diabetes

heart health and diabetes vidya sury
Heart health and diabetes Heart health and diabetes are closely connected and heart disease is one of the most common complications of diabetes. As a diabetic, my risk for heart attack or stroke is doubled. Can I help it? Yes. The first step is to keep track of...
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Glycemic Index and Diabetes

Glycemic Index and diabetes Vidya Sury 1
Glycemic Index and Diabetes I am sure you’ve heard of low GI and high GI foods in relation to healthy eating and especially with reference to diabetics. The phrase glycemic index gets thrown around a lot and until I was diagnosed with the condition, I didn’t really dig...
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Foot Care for Diabetics

foot care for diabetics vidya sury
Foot care for diabetics So diabetes has to do with blood sugar basically. Why the focus on Foot care for diabetics? Diabetes damages the nerve and blood vessels and this can become a problem with feet. The lack of adequate blood flow causes a loss of feeling in...
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Exercise for Diabetes

exercise and living with type 2 diabetes
Exercise and Living with type 2 diabetes The three things that help you manage living with type 2 diabetes are diet, medication and exercise to control blood sugar and maintain a healthy weight. Being active also helps avoid diabetes complications like heart disease. After my own diagnosis of...
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